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This is a defensive ploy against an attacker who is sitting on the defender's tail within gun range with little or no overtakeing speed. It is a series of random turns, skids, pitch-ups and yaws to spoil the attacker's aim. While the attacker is able to retian the advantage, the longer he is forced to concentrate on attaining a shooting position, the more nervous he is likley to become about what is going on behind him.

Odviously, at this point the defender is in a desperate situation, about to be shot down, following a break with rapidly decaying airspeed. What is called for is application of full reheat, max g in one plane for about 3 to 4 secounds, followed by max minus g in another plane held for 3 to 4 secounds. Speed should have increased by this time. Hopefully, now out of gun range, the defender can now start jinking , separting them by 30 to 60 degrees to avoid the missile envelope-or he can turn back in for a front missile attack (if he has missiles), followed by escape.

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