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The Rollaway

The Rollaway

As the attacker reaches the top of the yoyo, he rolls in the opposite direction to the defender's turn.This has the effect of pulling him tighter behind the defender.

A perfectly executed high-speed yoyo is very difficult to counter. However, there are a few tricks that the defending pilot can try. If his enery state is high enough, he can pull up into the attack, but would risk depleting his energy reserves to the point where he can no longer effectively defend himself. Alternatively, as the attacker pulls up his nose, the defender can relax his turn and spiral wide at full throttle. This would hopefuuly increase his speed and widen the distance. Then when the attacker comes down, the defender breaks and the situation returns to square one. However, if the attacker has misjudged his maneuvre and rolls out close astern but high, the defender relaxes his turn to maintain speed; then, when the attacker drops his nose and dives, the defender is able to reverse hard up into him. The secound answer to overshooting is Lag Pursuit.

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